Partnership for Research and Education in Materials between NMHU and OSU in Electronic, Optical, and Magnetic Materials

X-Ray Diffraction Laboratory

NMHU X-ray Diffraction Laboratory is equipped with Bruker X-ray diffractometer SMART APEX II with CCD detector and low-temperature device that allows collect experimental data at 100K. Diffractometer is equipped with crystal growth device (OHCD III) that allows to grow crystals in capillary using automated laser-heating system purchased from Scientific Consulting, Germany. The system gives opportunity to study crystal structures of materials that are liquid or liquid crystalline at a room temperature.

System components:

Undergraduate student Maria Armijo is mounting crystal using Bruker single-crystal X-ray diffractometer

Close-up look of the diffractometer's interior including APEX II CCD detector, goniometer, digital camera and cooling system

Polarizing microscope equipped with digital camera

Dr. Yulia Getmanenko and graduate student Bianca Valencia working on synthesis of organic compounds for charge transport and magnetic materials

Undergraduate student Beatrice Armijo is synthesizing the crystalline products of CO2 capture