Partnership for Research and Education in Materials between NMHU and OSU in Education, Optical, and Magnetic Materials

Dr. Jiao Chen

Co-Principle Investigator

Analytical Chemistry Laboratory Supervisor

Department of Chemistry

New Mexico Highlands University

Las Vegas, NM 87701

Phone: 505-426-2071
Room: HSCI-234

Role in PREM includes to develope an ensemble of metallic nanoparticle-modified graphene metamaterials and then study their unique properties for applications in different fields. Gold and silver nanoparticles are chosen as the two main metallic nanoparticles to be decorated on the graphene metamaterials.

Research Highlights

Research Group Members

Narendra Boppana

BS in Pharmacy, The Erode College of Pharmacy and Research Institute, Erode, India

Graduate Student

Major in Chemistry

Working on a novel method to synthesize the gold nanostars, taking into account several different factors such as the amount of silver nitrate, pH, the presence of gold nanoseeds, etc

Diego Trujillo

Undergraduate Student

Major in Chemistry

Synthesis of strongly fluorescent graphene quantum dots

Onnica Pino

Undergraduate Student

Major in Biology

Preparation and characterization of silver nanoparticle-decorated reduced graphene oxide and its antibacterial application

Former Members

Yueling Xiu

Undergraduate Student

Major in Chemistry

Proity Akbar

Undergraduate Student

Major in Chemistry