Partnership for Research and Education in Materials between NMHU and OSU in Electronic, Optical, and Magnetic Materials

Paleomagnetic - Rock Magnetic Laboratory

Paleomagnetic - Rock Magnetic Laboratory at NMHU allows to perform a series of magnetic studies of the different compounds. The main laboratory's equipment includes: Thermal Demagnetizer, Alternating Field Demagnetizer and Multi-Function Kappabridge.

7-Tesla Cryogenic Quantum Design Magnetic Measurement System (MPMS-7)

Dynamic 15.6 m3 magnetically shielded low-field room (Magnetic Measurements Ltd.)

Undergraduate student Billy Romero working with Thermal Demagnetizer Model TD-48-SC

Samples set up in Thermal Demagnetizer Model TD-48-SC

MFK1-A Multi-Function Kappabridge with CS-4 attachment for low-field susceptibility versus temperature experiments

JR-6A Spinner Magnetometer

Magnetically shielded cylinder-shaped measurement chamber cooled to superconducting temperatures

D-Tech Model D-2000. Alternating field demagnetizer with ARM/PARM capabilities