Vision Statement

The LMITA Partnership seeks to join two historically important minority-serving institutions, New Mexico Highlands University and Morehouse College, to bring tangible, scientific research-based learning to Hispanic and African-American students of high school and college age. The research basis will reflect competencies of NMHU and MC faculty in light-matter interactions, greatly augmented through partnership with one of the nation's leading Science and Technology Centers, the NSF Center on Materials and Devices for IT Research (CMDITR). This three way partnership will exploit the 7-year experience of CMDITR in education and diversity enhancement by replicating successful programs and building or adapting new programs in New Mexico and Georgia with CMDITR guidance. The broader impacts plan will embrace students, teachers, and researchers at high schools and community colleges in New Mexico and Georgia, NMHU, Morehouse College, CMDITR partner universities, and the Los Alamos and Sandia National Laboratories. The goal is for underrepresented students to view STEM studies as a viable career path and for educators and researchers to gain improved skills in mentoring minority students so as to maximize their chances of reaching the end of the proverbial "pipeline".

Presentation(.pdf) at NSF PREM PIs Meeting on April 26th, 2010.

Reaserch and Education Highslights 2011 (.pdf)

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